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Centennial Bridge

Modernizing Leavenworth's Gateway

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After eight decades of service, it’s time to replace the Route 92 Centennial Bridge in Leavenworth, Kansas.

The new bridge will expand and modernize transportation for the people of Kansas and Missouri and carry on the Centennial legacy. Set to open for public use in 2029, the replacement bridge will be constructed just north of its predecessor on the Missouri River.

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The Bridge Today

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The Bridge has Outlived its Functional Lifespan.

The bridge has undergone major repairs to remain functional. The cost and frequency of future repair projects will continue to increase.

It Only has Two Lanes — One in Each Direction

The new bridge will double the river crossing’s vehicle capacity and reduce traffic congestion. It will also improve the transportation of commercial goods.

There is no Pedestrian or Cyclist Access.

The new bridge will have a dedicated, non-motorized pathway to connect pedestrians and cyclists to existing and planned recreation infrastructure in Kansas and Missouri.

It is Vulnerable to Flood Damage from Erosion, Debris and Barge Collisions

Floods on the Upper Missouri River have been increasing. The new bridge will be designed to better withstand flooding impacts and mitigate future environmental concerns.

The Bridge's Decreasing Reliability Poses Challenges to Fort Leavenworth.

The new bridge will provide safer and more reliable access to Fort Leavenworth and other national security assets.

A Vital Connection.

As the only Missouri River crossing within a 38-mile area, Centennial Bridge is a vital resource for those who work and live in Leavenworth County, Kansas and Platte County, Missouri.

On average, 14,300-plus vehicles drive across the river crossing every day. Unfortunately, the existing bridge is outdated and limited in its ability to transport people and goods.

In 2011, the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) began a multi-phase study to determine the future of the existing bridge. After conducting traffic, engineering, environmental, community engagement, and feasibility studies, KDOT determined the structure had exceeded its useful lifespan and that a new bridge was needed.

Did you Know?

Bridge photos used with permission of Leavenworth County Historical Society. Copy and reuse restrictions apply.

The first Centennial Bridge heralded the roadway expansion era of the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. The bridge opened to the public one year before the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 funded the creation of the Eisenhower Interstate System.

Planning for a New Bridge

The new, four-lane Centennial Bridge will be constructed just to the north of the existing Missouri River crossing . The project is in the initial design phase, which includes surveying, environmental studies and permitting, preliminary roadway and structure engineering, and community engagement activities.

Benefits of the new bridge include:

  • The new bridge will not be tolled.
  • Doubling the number of traffic lanes.
  • Improving flood resilience in the area.
  • Resolving Missouri River navigation challenges.
  • Providing combined use pedestrian and bicycle accommodations.

Except for limited, temporary closures, the existing bridge will remain open as the new bridge is constructed.

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While the new bridge will be designed to meet future engineering standards and developed in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manner, the project team understands the community's desire to commemorate or incorporate features of the existing bridge. Learn more about the project and stay connected through the following options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will the New Bridge be Built and Open for Public Use?

Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2027 and completed in 2029.

Will I still be able to cross the Missouri River in Leavenworth?

Except for a few temporary closures, the existing bridge will remain open as the new bridge is being constructed.

Why do we need a new Centennial Bridge?

The existing bridge is nearing the end of its useful life and major repairs to the steel structure will become more numerous and expensive over time. The new bridge will double traffic capacity, include a dedicated pedestrian and cyclist pathway, increase safety, reliability, and environmental outcomes, and create new commercial and community opportunities. It will also enhance transportation and security for U.S. Army Garrison Fort Leavenworth.

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